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More how to get the best shave...

  • Shave straight after a shower, hot water softens the hairs and aids moisturising the skin

  • Use 3-4 drops for a beard, 6-9 for a whole head or leg (relative to how long your legs are or how big your head is!)

  • Use just enough or you'll clog your blade

  • Massage the oil into the area to be shaved making sure it remains moist at all times

  • Rinse your razor regularly in hot water and tap it against the sink to keep the blade clear

  • If your razor starts to drag add more water NOT more Shave Secret

  • To get an even closer shave just wet your face and go again

  • Don't use after shave, it drys your skin out something wicked.

Here's the Detailed Guide for the 'you' who has the time to smell the roses.

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