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SHAVE SECRET is a 100% blend of natural ingredients...  no chemicals. Anyone who tells you that chemicals are good for you is telling fibs. The essential oils in SHAVE SECRET feed, cleanse, condition and aid healing of your skin.


SHAVE SECRET is clear making it ideal for shaving around beards and moustaches as it allows you to see clearly what you're shaving and not shaving.


A little goes a long way! You only need a few drops of SHAVE SECRET and we reckon on 3-4 for faces, 6-7 for whole heads, 2 for underarms, 8-9 for legs, you can work out the rest from those examples!

Why SHAVE SECRET shave oil...


  • Men’s facial hair grows at about 12mm per month, that's about 15cm per year.

  • An average man’s face contains between 5,000 to 25,000 hairs.

  • The body has lots of different hairs, but you knew that already.

  • Men spend around 60 hours shaving every year.

  • That means every man spends 3,300 hours or 138 days of his life shaving

  • It takes about 100 strokes to shave a man's face.

  • It would take a man about 7 years of shaving to collect together 1 kilo of hair.

  • In general, a man removes over 7 metres of hair in his lifetime through shaving alone.


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Back home in the USA some of our biggest fans are runners, cyclists & swimmers as they shave most of their body hair a lot. There's a debate about a number of the physical benefits that this gives, but there's no doubt that it gives a great psychological benefit by making you feel slick in the air or water.


Many people swear by using shave oils before applying their normal shaving preparation. We say use it as you want, but you really only need SHAVE SECRET. Some people use it after shaving for the same reasons it's great for shaving with.

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The combination of SHAVE SECRET shave oil and water gives outstanding shaving results and in a very simple & natural way. The water softens the skin & hairs and acts as a carrier for the shave oil as it opens the pores, stimulates the hair roots and lubricates the skin to help the razor glide smoothly causing that dramatic reduction in nicks, cuts & razor burns.